Related Research Papers

  1. Intelligibility of conversational speech produced by children with cochlear implants.

Peter Flipsen, Lana G Colvard in Journal of communication disorders (2006)

The intelligibility of conversational speech produced by six children fitted with cochlear implants before age 3 years was measured longitudinally. Samples were obtained every 3 months during periods of 12-21 months. Intelligibility was measured…

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  1. Enhancement of Expressive Language in Prelingually Deaf Children with Cochlear Implants

Richard T. Miyamoto, Mario a. Svirsky, Amy M. Robbins in Acta Oto-laryngologica(1997)

Expressive language skills were assessed in two groups of prelingually-deafened children using the Reynell Developmental Language Scales (RDLS). Results from a group of 89 unimplanted subjects provided cross-sectional data which suggested that…

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  1. Emergence of a vowel system in a young cochlear implant recipient.

D J Ertmer in Journal of speech, language, and hearing research : JSLHR (2001)

This report chronicles changes in vowel production by a congenitally deaf child who received a multichannel cochlear implant at 19 months. The emergence of Hannah’s vowel system was monitored by transcribing vocalic segments from spontaneous…

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  1. Development of speech perception and production in children with cochlear implants

L KISHON-RABIN, I GEHTLER in Annals of otology, (2002)

The purpose of the present study was twofold: (1) to compare the hierarchy of perceived and produced significant speech pattern contrasts in children with cochlear implants, and (2) to compare this hierarchy to developmantal data of children with…

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  1. Cochlear implants in young children.

John K Niparko, Rebecca Blankenhorn in Mental retardation and developmental disabilities research reviews (2003)

The cochlear implant is best characterized as a device that provides access to the sound environment. The device enables the hearing pathway to respond to environmental and speech sounds, providing informational cues from the surroundings and from…

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  1. Cochlear Implantation below 12 Months of Age: Challenges and Considerations
  2. Yoshi,U. Co inLanguage acquisition in very young children with a cochlear implant

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  1. Changes in speech production in a child with a cochlear implant: acoustic and kinematic evidence.

Lisa Goffman, David J Ertmer, Christa Erdle in Journal of speech, language, and hearing research : JSLHR (2002)

A method is presented for examining change in motor patterns used to produce linguistic contrasts. In this case study, the method is applied to a child receiving new auditory input following cochlear implantation. This child experienced hearing loss…

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  1. Beyond ba-ba and gu-gu : Challenges and strategies in coding infant vocalizations

KIMBROUGH NATHANI, S ; OLLER in Training (2001)

Infant vocal behaviors are extremely complex. Consequently, coding these behaviors is difficult and is typically associated with low reliability across observers. Various difficulties that arise when deal- ing with prelinguistic vocalizations,…

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  1. Beginning to talk at 20 months: early vocal development in a young cochlear implant recipient.

D J Ertmer, J a Mellon in Journal of speech, language, and hearing research : JSLHR (2001)

Early vocal development, consonant production, and spoken vocabulary were examined in a deaf toddler whose multichannel cochlear implant was activated at 20 months. Parent-child interactions were recorded before implantation and at monthly intervals…

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  1. Babbling milestones and beyond: Early speech development in CI children

Steven Gillis, Karen Schauwers in in very young children with a (2002)

Prelinguistic babbling is investigated in a group of nine infants with a cochlear implant. The infants’age at activations of the device ranges from 6 to 21 months. All children start babbling after a relatively short interval of zero to four months…

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  1. Babbling in early implanted CI children

K Schauwers, S Gillis, P Govaerts in International Congress Series (2004)

The aim of this study was to investigate the onset of prelexical babbling (production of reduplicated CV syllables) of 10 deaf children who received a Nucleus-24 multichannel cochlear implant (CI) between 5 and 20 months of age. They were followed…




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