Advances in Auditory Implants: 3 – 5 November 2015

The course is designed for all those currently involved in cochlear implants, at all levels and in all disciplines.

The Ear Institute is ideally placed as being part of UCL and situated next door to the Royal National Throat, Nose & Ear Hospital; the main post grad training hospital for ENT in the UK and home to the first ever cochlear implant team in the UK.

uesday 3rd – DAY 1 of the “Auditory Implants” masterclass

This day will provide an overview of the different auditory implants and explain the similarities and differences to hearing aids. Device candidacy will be discussed, exploring how this might change in the near future. There will be an overview of the psychophysics of implant sound processing and a discussion of new areas of candidacy such as single-sided deafness.

Wednesday 4th – DAY 2 of the “Auditory Implants” masterclass

On the second day the surgical and fitting aspects of Middle Ear Implants, Auditory Brainstem Implants and Electro-acoustic devices will be discussed. There will be a live surgery and a demonstration of intra-operative objective measures with an explanation of how objective measures can be used clinically.

Thursday 5th – DAY 3 of the “Auditory Implants” masterclass

The third day predominantly focuses on assessment, habilitation, rehabilitation, implants in children and future directions in the field. There will be a discussion of some key aspects such as auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder, complex needs and comorbidity and considerations for children from non-English speaking backgrounds. Future directions for fitting, sound processing, rehabilitation and drug therapies will be provided.

Speakers for the 2015 course will include:

  • Anzel Britz
  • Neil Donnelly
  • Andy Faulkner
  • Guoping Li
  • Sherif Khalil
  • Padraig Kitterick
  • Francesca Pinto
  • Kaukab Rajput
  • Chris Rocca
  • Stuart Rosen
  • Shakeel Saeed
  • Azhar Shaida
  • Debi Vickers
  • Fiona Vickers
  • Graham Welch
  • Alexandra Wheeler


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