What is Auditory/Oral Education?

The Auditory/Oral (A/O) approach teaches infants and young children to use hearing and speech to develop spoken language for communication and learning. Children typically attend a pre-school or early elementary program taught by teachers and therapists with A/O and child development training and experience. Signs are not used in the A/O approach; however, natural gestures that are used in typical conversation are included.

What issues are at the forefront of Auditory/Oral Education?

The goal with A/O is for children to enter the mainstream after they have time to strengthen their language, social and cognitive development in an A/O program. Given the importance of working with A/O qualified educators and therapists, families are encouraged to inquire about professional training and experience.

What should every parent or professional know about Auditory/Oral Education?

Auditory/Oral education can be used with most children, regardless of whether that child’s hearing loss is in the mild through profound range. Families who choose A/O commit to helping children use their hearing and speech for language and communication. Professionals work closely with families to help them use hearing aids, cochlear implants, FM systems or whatever hearing technology is appropriate for the child.




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